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Make a Donation to the Malibu Search & Rescue Team

We primarily rely on private donations to support our search and rescue mission.  The cutting edge equipment that we require to rescue those in need is expensive. 

All amounts are welcome and we greatly appreciate the support that we get from the community.  Unlike many charities, 100% of each dollar donated goes directly to the team, its equipment and its mission. 

By clicking below, you can use your credit card or PayPal account to choose any amount for your donation or give enough for us to purchase a specific piece of a equipment that the team needs.  Alternatively, you may send a check to the address below. 

If you have any questions regarding your donation, please feel free to email the team's Captain at:

The donations to the team are considered are tax-deductible charitable contributions.  The team is registered as a 501(c)3 organization with the IRS under the name "Malibu Mountain Rescue Team Inc." 

 Donate safely online using PayPal or Credit Card:

You may also send your tax-deductible donation to:
Malibu Mountain Rescue Team, Inc.
PO BOX 1092 
AGOURA HILLS, CA 91376-1092 

Bauman Screamer Suit

The Screamer Suit is safe and quick way to “package” a person stuck on a cliff for a helicopter extraction.

Cost: $450.00 each Needed: 1

600 ft. Rescue Rope

Rescue rope is the team’s lifeline when working on a cliff or over the side.

Cost: $600.00 each Needed: 1

Miller Full Body Split

The Miller Body Split is the most effective tool the team can have to fully immobilize a person with possible spinal injuries and load them into a rescue litter or helicopter.

Cost: $950.00 each Needed: 3

Holmatro BCU-4010 GP battery operated cutter

When a car goes over the side a lightweight portable cutter like this one is a must.

Cost: $6,500.00 each Needed: 1

Holmatro BCT-4120 battery operated rescue tool

When a car goes over the side a lightweight portable extrication tool like this one is a must.

Cost: $6,500.00 each Needed: 1

Nomex jumpsuit uniform

The team has adopted the Air Force Nomex Fight suit as the team uniform for rescues and training. Because the team regularly works in and around helicopters and responds to all brush fires, a Nomex fire retardant jumpsuit is required.

Cost: $250.00 each Needed: 10

Equipment and clothing for new team member

Rescue hardware, software, ropes and clothing is expensive and every new team member must be outfitted with safety equipment and outerwear.

Cost: $7,500.00 each Needed: 2

Donate to Malibu SAR

We greatly rely on your Donations to help support our Search and Rescue efforts.